The Resource You Need for Understanding Louisiana Tax Sales

A whitepaper for practitioners and investors

By Stephen Morel, J.D.

For far too long, Louisiana has held the dubious and often well-deserved reputation for having one of, if not the strangest and most confusing tax sale system of any state.

Times have changed. Forget what you know or think you knew about Louisiana tax sales.

Stop Guessing if Louisiana Tax Sales are Right For You

This whitepaper comprehensively explores Louisiana Tax Sales as never before: explaining its odd past, demystifying it’s surprisingly fair, effective, and lucrative present-day system, and revealing a sneak peak of a proposed law change that could turn Louisiana into the model for how all states conduct tax sales.

What Constitutes Blight & Abandon and How to Reduce Redemption Times

How to Know if a Sale is Legally Valid in Louisiana


Who the Various Tax Collectors are and How the System Works


Redemption Rates and Redemption Periods in Louisiana

We lift the curtain on how Louisiana has been able to evolve from having a tax sale system as murky as the Mississippi River to what may soon very well become the model system for all states to follow.

About Stephen

Stephen D. Morel is an 18-year Louisiana-licensed attorney with extensive experience clearing, quieting and insuring titles to distressed real estate through transactional and litigation practices.

In 2014, Mr. Morel created Louisiana’s first title insurance product and corresponding underwriting process that permitted Louisiana title insurers to systematically evaluate and insure tax sale titles. This unique insurance product and process has proven to be an overwhelming success, to date having facilitated the return to commerce and the active tax rolls of over 4,000 decades-old delinquent, mostly blighted properties throughout the State, with clear, merchantable and insured title, generating the recovery of millions in previously ‘uncollectible’ delinquent tax and ultimately over $40M in unbudgeted revenue for local government.

Are Louisiana Tax Sales The Right Investment for You?

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